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Hello everyone! Welcome to my daily column! I hope that you had an awesome day! My day was pretty great! I was a bit sleep deprived because of a bad dream that I had last night. I thought it was worthy to talk about because it speaks a bit about my topic for tonight! I hope that you enjoy!

Dream Interpretation

I woke up at 2:00 am because of a nightmare, I may have gone back to sleep but it was actually the second nightmare in just an hour. I typically use my Facebook page for promotion purposes, but something told me to send out a post. I want to speak about one of the replies.

Fully Focused

Hippo’s attack is when the prices you pay for decisions and actions you make, and of course, snakes represent evil.

Shelly Hutzel

I received many awesome responses, but this response made the bad dream worth it to me! It seemed to be a confirmation of what God has been teaching me! Let me explain!

Groundhogs Day

It is so easy when you are going through a lot to attach what you are going through to the past. It doesn’t ever really feel like a new day when you feel like you are trapped in “Groundhog Day”.

A while back I couldn’t help but to think, why do I keep getting the same result? Why am I trying so hard to bring forth a different result only to be punished? Or maybe, today is a new day with a new trial that I need to attend to. Maybe the trial is affiliated with my past mistakes, but they have nothing to do with what I am doing today. When we have a mess to clean up, it might take time and effort but it isn’t permanent. My nightmare reminded me to stop allowing my present view to pull me back to where I was! I am different now than I was, and this mess will get cleaned up!

Fully Focused

T.D. Jake’s relayed in the Holy Bible Woman Thou Art Loosed Edition another message concerning what Shelly interpreted in my dream! Check it out!

When delivered by God, you may need to say no to anyone who attempts to keep you in the stall they’ve built for you. You may have to say, “Now that I am free, I’m not going back into that cage.” When God delivers you, He wants you to be delivered from everything that has confined you.

T.D. Jakes

God is so beautiful in how he speaks if we are open to learning! God has been speaking to me much lately concerning staying in the moment, focusing on one thing at a time (not a million like I am acquainted too). My morning reading from SIMPLE ABUNDANCE A DAYBOOK of COMFORT and JOY by Sarah Ban Breathnach had another word for me today!

Today, we must start to recover our sanity. The way we do this is to concentrate slowly on completing one task at a time, each hour of the day, until the day is over.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

God continues to show me that if I focus on the next responsibility, putting my family’s needs first he will attend to the rest. I suppose the concept of it being a new day is too huge, God says this is a new task that we get to do together. The word is, stop allowing your past to dictate who you are today! It keeps you trapped in the past, you didn’t know then what you know now!

As for the snake Shelly spoke of, it came close but didn’t touch me and it was moving far from me, I could see it in the distance! Praise God!

Stay in the moments, with full faith that God has you covered. Besides it is but doubt that blocks what he can do, faith ensures the best-case scenario in everything that you do. I wish you all a beautiful day tomorrow! You are blessed, don’t forget it!

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