Podcast: When Times Are Tough God Is Great

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We can’t run from God, no matter how fast we think we are! God had his way with Matt Moore, though it was uncomfortable he stepped out to the front as a lead vocalist, though Matt had other plans. God is great, even when we don’t fully understand the tactic. As God had great plans in store for Matt, he does for you too! Check out the interview for the full story!

Matt Moore

Introducing Matt Moore!

God Is Great!

When Times Are Tough, God Is Great! The OurDayDream Show features Christian rock artist Matt Moore!

We spoke on topics including his testimony, listening to God’s call, how God finds us in our mess, God is never going to leave us, asking God for a sign, behind the lyrics of his song “The Promise” and “Broken Pieces”, the journey with God, and his involvement with the Kingdom Come Festival. You don’t want to miss this show!

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God Is Great

I hope that this chat shows you to trust in the process! Thank you Matt for being awesome and joining us!

God Is Great
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