Fighting Judgment with Love

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my daily column! I hope that you had an awesome day! My victories were rather hidden today, I had to stop and evaluate my actual efforts, and I decided to accept that I got a lot accomplished. I hope you enjoy tonight’s column.

I Never Knew Me

It is so incredible to think about how much God has changed me. I went from a person whose excitement was asking for too much attention at the bar, to one who is excited to read!

What is incredible is that at thirty years old, I didn’t know the person I am today. I imagine I was tucked away deep inside, covered by defense mechanisms. Most oftentimes I find myself getting used to who I am, forgetting about what God delivered me from.

OurDayDream Merch

OurDayDream Journey

I decided to start OurDayDream where I would take others with me on this journey. On days like today, I realize that it hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes I feel like I am fighting a battle with Christian arrogance, especially concerning judgment. Once upon a time, God gave me a flash of insight into the broken church that was supposed to be a place where everyone is welcome and we come together with one understanding, Jesus died for our sins. With each passing breath, we have the opportunity to be better. Yet why are we still ministering that judgment is acceptable?

While I disagree with the religious point of view, I find myself frustrated and condemning myself for being in a place of judging judgment while fighting judgment. God tells us to give our vengeance to the Lord, but Satan takes any opportunity to condemn us. Here is an old Facebook live I did on my business page about judgement.

Fighting Judgment

Fighting Judgment

I think back to when I was an atheist, and the pleading people did for my eternity. They could call out my sin all they wanted, but it was the touch of God that brought me back home. I don’t know about you, but I can feel the sin I commit before anyone says a word, either awareness has never provoked change, just condemnation. But condemnation has never pulled me out of sin. Just the same as only the touch of God could help bring me home, only can the spirit of God pull me from sin.

I suppose I have a reason behind this blog. I want others to understand that God doesn’t need us, we need him. I think often we step on his toes with what he is trying to accomplish. Any religious person could tell another that they are going to hell for denying Christ, yet Peter was forced to deny Christ for our sins to be washed away today. Who are we to say what is wrong or right? We have no idea what God’s plan is for eternity, we are limited to time and space.

Love Defeats Sin

It took a prayer, not a lecture, to bring me back home to my father after seventeen long years running. We can never go wrong with the two greatest commandments: love God all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not onto your understanding and he will direct your paths. I wish you all a beautiful day tomorrow! You are blessed, don’t forget it!

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