Finding Purpose in The Pain

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my daily column! I hope that you had an awesome day! My day was great! I made my 10-year-old a cake, enjoyed the weather with family football, and had a game night! I hope that you enjoy tonight’s column!

Abandoned and Abused

If you know abandonment. If you know loneliness, where few care who or how you are. If you know many that despise you for who they think you are. A long walk traveled. For those who grew accustomed to a cruel, cruel world. There were so many times you could have given in to hate because there was so much of it, but you knew that your hate could only intensify your pain. The pain you felt every time you looked into hateful eyes that saw a person that was never you, this blog is for you!

Joseph – Genesis 37

Joseph knew your pain too! With everyone offended by his dreams that were tucked away inside. He couldn’t see his potential from others, he didn’t need to. He was pushed around by injustice for 30 years. As I was reading Genesis 37 today, I thought back on my life. While I felt the pain of my wounds, I found myself often asking why I had to suffer consequences just for being a resident of this world. I have always tried the best that I could to handle situations that arose with love, I suppose I really wanted to understand why. I imagine Joseph asking that question too, especially knowing God’s divine plans for his life. I imagine times when he would have questioned hope.

Get Out Of Your Way

Joseph was sold into slavery at seventeen years old by his brothers who wanted to kill him, he knew what hope stripped away felt like! He suffered relentlessly until he was thirty years old when he finally saw those dreams manifest that God planted on the inside of him. I thought about when Joseph’s brothers had to go to him for food, not knowing it was their brother that now had the power to kill them. I thought about the moment when Joseph revealed who he was.

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Learning To Love Like God

God revealed to me once, an internal knowing that suffering is necessary for the plan. Many don’t agree with that statement, but my life is living proof and the Bible speaks a lot about it. I wouldn’t have a testimony to minister without pain.

While reading Genesis 37 it hit me! I spent most of my life trying to understand why so much cruelty could be given to someone who had a pure and loving heart. I had concluded that my life was just supposed to be incredibly hard, just because. I had no choice but to accept suffering as my destiny to protect me from the next attack. As Joseph realized that if his brothers didn’t sell him into slavery, he wouldn’t have made it to the kingdom to save the people from starvation. He understood that his brothers hurt him to bring him to his destiny. What touched me this morning, was that it was that same destiny planted on the inside of Joseph that brought him to being hated.

I thought about the possibility that while my destiny may have been tucked down so deep inside of me that I couldn’t even see it, God knew that eventually, it would surface. In the meantime, it was God’s will to manifest it in my life, no matter how much it hurt me. God wanted much more from me than an original opportunity. He had a much bigger plan for my life than I could see. It wasn’t that I had bad luck, it was that I had an extraordinary future.

There will come a day when justice will rise and deliver you from bondage to a destiny that you didn’t see coming! I wish you all a beautiful day tomorrow! You are blessed, don’t forget it!

Purpose in The Pain
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