Are You Frozen in Time?

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my daily column! I hope that you had an awesome day! My day was quiet, it was a lazy day. I hope that you enjoy tonight’s column!

Frozen In Time

The healing journey, it may feel like you are frozen. I thank God that he doesn’t make us endure it all at once. I wonder if anyone else can relate, that they endured so many years of abuse that it would be too big of a bite to chew, you would choke. That is an odd way to put it, but it’s true that I have been on this healing journey since 2017 and though I am exhausted from the journey, I am grateful that God is so gentle not to overwhelm you with everything all at once. It would be awesome if we could just be robotic, we could turn the switch to a different frequency, but we can’t.

Stay Strong!

Harsh Reality

I wonder if we could fix our character defects birthed by abuse without abusing ourselves. I have to be tough with myself to change, it’s the only way I know because life was always tough with me. Getting angry seems to be an effective way to reposition myself. Then there is this beautiful gift we have bestowed to us called grace. Grace, it covers us when we are weak because we know that what is inside of us is bigger than how we feel about ourselves. My prayer is that you have compassion for yourself. After all, we didn’t know then what we know now, and we don’t know now what we will know tomorrow. Why should we assume that we are insufficient when in reality we hold a respectable amount of perseverance?

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Healing And Family

God seems to be in complete control of the seasons, he doesn’t ask for permission before he asks you to delve deep inside of yourself. Considering God has divine timing concerning the orbit of the earth, who are we to question. I don’t have to question the divine timing of my healing adventure; because I feel it, I must have the strength to endure it. While God picks the seasons, it is my job to have the wisdom to know that what I am feeling isn’t depression or because of unfortunate circumstances, this is a heavenly call for something more. With all these internal cries for our attention, we may have a family that wants just at least a percentage of that attention.

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Trying To Find My Way To Heaven

The Wilderness

I thought about how God sent Jesus into the wilderness where he was tested by Satan. I also thought about my wilderness periods where I wish that there was an actual wilderness. Jesus didn’t have people around him needing anything for 40 days, he was able to come back to them ready. I don’t believe for a moment that I am the only one that goes through these wilderness periods, although I do believe that many just take their emotions personally rather than seeing them for what they are. So, what do we do when our family recognizes that something is wrong? Do we just continue to do the best that we can, ultimately falling short? Or do we tell our family that we don’t really understand what is happening besides God is working on us? We may not be able to escape for 40 days, but we can communicate our process gaining help. Jesus came out of the wilderness gathering his disciples, he didn’t walk his walk with God alone, you don’t have too either. Let your family be a contributing factor to the new you that is being birthed, they may just provide you with the rest you were praying for.

If you are going through a time of introspection, know that just as Jesus came out of the wilderness you will too! Stay strong! I wish you all a beautiful day tomorrow! You are blessed, don’t forget it!

Frozen in Time

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