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It oftentimes goes unnoticed the amount of pain that is all around us while we are safely secured to the structures of our lives. Even if we have a clue, we might think of a thousand reasons why we can’t help. I am guilty too. This podcast is not only a wake-up call to the devastation that exists, but it is inspiring a way to help. There are a few very inventive ways that David mentioned where people are supporting his mission The Exodus Road. This podcast is full of poetic dialog that will only help your existence, to live a life that makes a difference. We are only here for a short while, what kind of impact are you making on this planet for the greater good before your exit? I truly believe you were sent here for a grander purpose than simply living, find purpose, join a mission greater than yourself.

Remedy Drive

Introducing David Zach

Join A Mission

Stepping Out Of Your Backyard – Join A Mission – Featuring David Zach from Remedy Drive!

We spoke on topics including his testimony, success that brought emptiness, using his success as a deposit into a mission greater than himself, raising children to be justice driven, The Exodus Road, and behind the lyrics of his song “Blue”, “Empress in Exile”, “Lost Cause”, and more. You don’t want to miss this show!

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Remedy Drive's Website

Blue – Remedy Drive

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Remedy Drive on Instagram

Empress In Exile

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Remedy Drive on Facebook

David Zach: Songwriter: Human Rights Advocate

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Remedy Drive on Spotify

My hope is that this chat empowers you to take a stand for something you believe in! Thank you David for being awesome and joining us!

Join A Mission

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