Podcast: Abuse Is Not My Destiny

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Living a life of purpose is a great way to pull you through life’s obstacles. I have found that when we use the pain of our past to help others, we find healing. Jennifer and I have something in common; the man of the house failed their role as a man, and when the relationship ended, our children were used as a tool to hurt us. As if it isn’t hard enough for a mother to endure the thought of their relationship failing. As if it isn’t hard enough to know that the children would have separate homes. As if it isn’t hard enough on the children. Yet, the children are used as weapons. I am positive that most would agree that it is probably the most brutal weapon that can be used against a mother. This podcast is packed full of truth!

Introducing Jennifer Benson

Abuse Is Not My Destiny

Abuse Is Not My Destiny – Featuring Jennifer Benson, lead vocalist of the Christian Rock Band Ignescent!

We spoke on topics including her testimony, which includes surviving domestic violence in an unfaithful relationship. We spoke about our difficult breakups where kids were involved. Also, behind the lyrics of songs including “Resist”, “Remnant”, and “Demons 777”. You don’t want to miss this show!

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My hope is that this chat reaches the women that need to know that they are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel! I also have hope that this serves men who need to hear what lack of restraint causes in a woman’s life. Thank you, Jennifer, for being awesome and joining us!

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