Podcast: Powerful Story of Sanctification

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It is through the testimony that we give hope, it is the visual proof of what God can do. Darius has an incredible testimony! He had got involved with dealing drugs, eventually locked in prison after shooting his father. After being released he got his life straightened out, from the outside it seemed he had everything you could want, but he felt empty. Can you relate? He decided to accept an invite to a church where he fell in love with service. Soon he would be selling his music out of his car to feed the homeless, become a pastor, and mend his relationship with his father! He proclaims that it was through mending the relationship that he found freedom and prosperity on his journey. Darius’s fun personality and incredible testimony is bound to inspire!

Introducing Holy Grind

Story of Sanctification

Powerful Story of Sanctification Featuring Gospel Rap Artist Holy Grind!

We spoke about his awesome testimony, including living outside of Chicago, growing up with 5 families under one roof, growing up without an active father, insecurities that bread fighting, living the street life, being involved in a high-speed chase due to shooting his father, and 5 years in prison. Sanctification that drove Darius from prison to pastor. From dealing drugs to feeding the hungry. Don’t say God can’t do it! This is the best testimony I have ever heard! You don’t want to miss it!

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My hope is that this chat provides inspiration in the miracles that God can perform in our everyday lives. I also have hope that it will provoke a conviction within to forgive for your own freedom. Thank you Holy Grind for joining us!

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