Ezekiel 36 – Dedication to the Lord

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Ezekiel 36 speaks about how God produces good fruit in our lives. Because all you had left was faith, you showed your dedication to the only one that could change the circumstance. Because of your dedication, God shows up to replenish your land (your life). Because you couldn’t do it, you understand it wasn’t your work, it was the Lord.

Because now you know what the Lord can do, you are available for God to purify you. He can now clean you from all the lies the world said about who you were or what you should do. As he is now able to put his spirit inside of you, you gain a new heart and learn to walk by his statutes.

Because you became new, you will live with God in his land, and he will deliver you from all uncleanliness. When you remember the days before, you will be saddened by your evil ways, not for punishment but for growth. You will find gratitude for your new life.

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God will help you to rebuild your land that was once desolate, and it will become as the Garden of Eden. Those that pass by will question, what happened to this land (your life)? When the people find out about this matter, and what the Lord has done, the Lord will be able to increase their land as well.

You will become an inheritance to the people, for the sanctification of his name that was once profaned among the nations.

*Note this is not scripture it’s an interpretation!


Blessings my friends!

Ezekiel 36
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