Joshua 4 – Accepting Victory

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Can I just say that naturally stressed-out in my flesh. I had a stressful childhood that trained me to believe that peace is far off. But oh, our God is greater! Last year was full of battles, if I was taught anything from it, I learned to let go and let God! Yet I still felt as though I was fighting for my life. That is up until I started reading the Bible daily with God. Joshua 4 calls us to cross the Jordan, instead of drowning in the current! I could say the scripture over and over:

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

Romans 12:19 KJV
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I still didn’t internalize that scripture! But through God feeding me daily through the bible, I was able to let go which allowed God to show up in ways that made me fully grasp this concept! I now realize that I am just supposed to experience life, the battle is the Lord’s.

Joshua 4 speaks about giving your testimony! Maybe mine is a bit feminine but I want to talk about the past 2 days! I want to give God praise!

I was in a funk all week, but I knew my partner wanted me to go help him with concert. Honestly, I just wanted to stay home and lay around like I had been all week. I knew in my heart that it wasn’t like me to want to skip out on an adventure, plus I wanted to be there for my partner. So, I prepared to leave.

This week Sarah Ban Breathnach has been speaking to me through her book “Simple Abundance A Daybook of Comfort and Joy” about how feeling beautiful outside impacts how you feel on the inside. So, on our way to the event we went shopping for a new outfit, Glory to God! I am so grateful that God supplied the funds because I felt so incredible after buying that outfit. It even seemed like the prices were divine. I was now excited to step up to help him at the concert, instead of insecure as I was feeling.

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Yesterday morning God brought me to reading Ezekiel 36, which is now my favorite chapter in the Bible. 💜 I know my flesh! I could think of a thousand ways to punish myself in a day, but this chapter set my day up for success! It was as though God sent me a hug!

My partner and I were sitting eating lunch and I said I could get used to this. It was the first time I went with a partner on an adventure and didn’t get yelled at. Glory to God for bringing me a partner where we can share common interests, we have fun together, we miss each other, we elevate each other, it really is beautiful! I have always felt as though I deserved pain because that is all I knew. God didn’t want that for my life (misery), and I am done trying to replicate my misfortune in my promise land!

As for Joshua 4, I suppose I felt blessed 2 days ago that I was able to walk across the Jordan river. Yesterday symbolizing God asking me to be as King David and pick up the stone by faith. Today, I feel like I have finally made it to the promised land!

(24) “that all the people of the earth might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty: that ye might fear the LORD your God for ever.”
Joshua 4:24 KJV

Blessings my friends

Joshua 4

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