Podcast: God Is Greater Than Your Worst Day

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I love how Josh shared his story of accepting that God’s will be done, sacrificing his dream band to God. It reminds me of when Abraham was asked to give up his son for a sacrifice. He didn’t want to, but I suppose God needed to see his dedication. God pulled through for Abraham, giving him a replacement sacrifice, as he did for Josh with his song “On My Own” hitting gold. Where once he gave up his dream band as a sacrifice, God was able to come through in all of his majesty. Though Ashes Remain endured many obstacles along the way, the journey was proof that God is Greater! Are you praying for God to help you fulfill your dreams? I was super excited to do this interview, especially after researching his other interviews. He is so inspiring!

Introducing To You Josh Smith

Josh Smith from Ashes Remain

God is Greater Than Your Worst Day

God Is Greater Than Your Worst Day – Josh Smith from Ashes Remain!

We spoke about the birth of Ashes Remain, having a prayerful life, behind his recently gold song “On My Own”, behind the song “Here for A Reason”, behind the song “Rise”, rolling with oppression, fighting depression as a Christian, and it’s ok to have a bad day.

Ashes Remain on Instagram

Ashes Remain

Ashes Remain – On My Own (Pseudo Video)

Ashes Remain on Facebook

Let The Light In - Ashes Remain

Ashes Remain – Here for a Reason (Official Lyric Video)

Ashes Remain on Spotify

Ashes Remain on Spotify

Ashes Remain – Rise (Official Lyric Video)

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My hope is that this chat helps you to see that God does come through. We will all have bad days, but what are we putting our faith in? Thank you Josh for joining us!

God Is Greater

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