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We have two choices with every situation that we are brought to. As the old saying goes, “You can either look at the glass half full or half empty.” This podcast proves that Winona Avenue would much rather look at the goodness that exists in God, in their lives, and in the world! Only a few of the guests that I have had on The Ourdaydream Show did I have the privilege to see in concert. I did, however, have the privilege of seeing these guys. They may be only a two-man band, but they throw off a ton of energy. Not only that, but they are so personable! After the show, they are ready to meet their fans! When you talk to them it is like you have known them for a long time! Great guys, great band!

Introducing to you David & Daniel Deputy

The OurDayDream Show

On The Road Again

On The Road Again – featuring David and Daniel Deputy of the Christian rock band Winona Avenue!

We spoke about the birth of their band, the joys of traveling, the evolution of the church, outreach music, trusting in God, being happy with where you are, and growing in the Lord that gives you a better reflection. We talked about their songs “December Night”, “Masterpiece”, and behind the song “Future Me”.

Winona Avenue’s Official Website

Winona Avenue Website

Winona Avenue on Instagram

Winona Avenue on Instagram

Winona Avenue – December Night (Official Music Video)

Winona Avenue on Facebook

Winona Avenue on Facebook

Winona Avenue – Masterpiece (Official Music Video)

Winona Avenue on TikTok

Winona Avenue on TikTok

Winona Avenue – Future Me (Official Music Video)

Winona Avenue on Spotify

Winona Avenue
On The Road Again

My hope is that this chat opens your heart to how awesome Christian Outreach Bands are!  Thank you, Winona Avenue, for joining us!

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