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This morning, I read a quote by T.D. Jakes, “Salvation is God giving us a chance to start over again,” which seems to be a great definition for this podcast with Laurel Taylor. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to have the conversations that I did with Laurel. Not only does this podcast reassure us that change is possible through Jesus. But it also gives us a map to follow while helping others. It is courageous people such as Laurel, sharing their testimony of God’s grace that provides us all with hope. Have you ever felt as though you were stuck? While listening to Laurel’s song “Old House,” I was filled with so my gratitude that I was brought to tears. Not only was I grateful for how much God has given to me over the past 4 years, but I also was reminded that my story isn’t over yet. I am a huge fan of Laurel’s music, and I am excited to share this raw conversation about God’s saving grace.

Introducing To You Laurel Taylor

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I Want to Show the World the Bright Side – Featuring Christian Country Artist Laurel Taylor!

We spoke about her awesome testimony of being told that she couldn’t and shouldn’t sing to being the awesome artist that she is today. We spoke about her testimony, where she decided to abandon her desire for same sex partnerships. We spoke about her time on American Idol and how music ended up pulling her into the party lifestyle, identity struggles, and substance abuse. Although, God didn’t let her go. She is now a Christian artist devoted to spreading the good news. We talked about her songs “Healed,” “Sound of Freedom,” “Old House,” and “Hear the Thunder.”

Laurel Taylor’s Official Website

Laurel Taylor Website

Healed – Laurel Taylor

Laurel Taylor on Instagram

Laurel Taylor Instagram

Laurel Taylor – Sound of Freedom [ Official Music Video ]

Laurel Taylor on Facebook

Laurel Taylor Facebook

Laurel Taylor – Old House (Official Music Video)

Laurel Taylor on Spotify

Laurel Taylor Spotify

Laurel Taylor – Hear the Thunder (Official Music Video)

The Bright Side

My hope is that this chat opens your heart to how we should attend to sin in ourselves and others. Thank you, Laurel Taylor, for joining us!

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