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Daisy Paige was given 5 to 7 years to live with the diagnosis MSA. In year 5, she published 2 books in one year! The pain and hospital visits she works through to put these books out, not to mention the 50 podcasts that she has done! Her perseverance is one to be respected and admired! This podcast will be continued with Brooke Robertson, whom Daisy loves! Be sure to hit subscribe on The OurDayDream Show to be notified when the podcast is posted!

Introducing Daisy Paige

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Kingdom Focused Until the Lord Calls Me Home – Featuring Christian Author Daisy Paige!

We spoke about her perseverance – writing two books at the later stages of her terminal illness, MSA. We spoke about her visions of life after death and her latest book Beyond Heaven’s Gates! We spoke about her faith concerning the constant pain she endures and much more! There was so much to offer in this podcast that there will be a continuance podcast, with special guest Brooke Robertson, hit subscribe to be notified when it is posted!

Check out Unexpected Moments by Daisy Paige with Taking My Voice Back by Brooke Robertson

Daisy Paige on Instagram

Daisy on Instagram

Beyond Heaven’s Gates by Daisy Paige on Amazon

Beyond Heaven's Gates

Daisy Paige on Facebook

Daisy Paige on Facebook

Unexpected Moments by Daisy Paige on Amazon

Unexpected Moments

The OurDayDream Show’s First Interview with Daisy!

Kingdom Focused Until the Lord Calls Me Home

My hope is that this chat opens your heart to appreciating those you love and the moments that you might have taken for granted. Thank you, Daisy Paige, for joining us!

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