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There is so much we can gain by being students. Do you accept what is happening in your thoughts and your life, or do you try to learn a different way of doing and being? Thirty-four years of my life, I accepted who I was as final and identified my life as out of my control. It was liberating the day that I took responsibility for my life. It was through taking responsibility that I was able to take my power back. But when I gave my power to God, I began to see miracles. It was a process. We all have lessons that we learned from our mistakes. The Behind The Shades Show is a platform that gives ordinary people the opportunity to be extraordinary by gifting us all with a new understanding through their lessons learned.

Introducing To You The Behind The Shades Show

The OurDayDream Show Features life coach and podcast host Terraine Brown from The Behind The Shades Show!

We spoke about his testimony, where he found his purpose. We spoke about how he was raised by his grandmother until 5, the aftermath, and healing. We spoke about relationship dynamics. We also spoke about his platform, The Behind The Shades Show.

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