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Introducing Kingdom Come Festival

I had the privilege to interview Angie Leyda, one of the event directors and Chris Bousum, one of the founders of the Kingdom Come Festival! I love covering events that inspire! I do believe that there are many hidden jewels of goodness that are hidden and need brought to the light.

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I am incredibly grateful for all the people that put this incredible event together and work the event! It was an awesome opportunity to go to the event in Greentown Indiana! As a family we went camping, and had a nonstop music experience for two days. My son Jaxyn found a best friend and I was able to meet new people as well as talk to some awesome artists. There were a lot of people working hard, from the snack station to setting up band equipment, and so much more. This event is run by volunteers that are willing to step up for a great mission, a free event that just wants everyone to experience God’s love.

Kingdom Come Festival Event Podcast

The ministry that puts this awesome event together is Always One Ministries, where they know that one person carries a great deal of importance to the kingdom of heaven. They prefer a free event so that no one is left behind because of financial difficulty. This being said, they do rely on donations. Oftentimes they have found the funds, glory to God. Although this year they are still 6,000 dollars shy. If you donate to this festival, know that you donated to a movement, not just a festival.

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People really do find themselves back home with their family when they head back to KCF each year. Not only that they have heard countless testimonies of nonbelievers being drug to the event by a friend and ended up having an encounter with God. Just like Angie said, Billy Graham was just one, and look at the impacts he made. You never know if your donation will be the passage of a great leader to come.

Full Interview With Chris Bousum

I hear many Christians say, I have thought about going to a concert, but I don’t know why I haven’t. All I can say is being a Christian is a blast being apart of these events. Notice I didn’t say that I just go. If you were called to, your spirit was needed. You will never regret being a part of this type of outreach, it will be a memory that you cherish.

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Next year plan a trip to the great Kingdom Come Festival, and please support this ministry if you are looking to contribute to something that makes an impact.

Full Interview With Angie Leyda

My hope is to highlight the wonderful things that Always One Ministries is doing for people!

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