Podcast: Finding Faith In The Tribulation

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It was an absolute honor to interview Aaron! He has a heart that shines through the screen. He has experienced pain, and decided to use what it taught him through his music for you and me. I absolutely love turning his music up in my car and singing along with him. On bad days his music provides hope, and on my good days it provides worship!

Introducing Aaron Justice!

The OurDayDream Show Features Christian solo artist Aaron Justice!

We spoke about his testimony. We spoke about how tribulation is necessary. We spoke about how the darkest of nights could be our greatest blessing. We spoke about his songs including: “Whatever You’re Doing”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, and “You Say I’m Not Alone”.

You Say I’m Not Alone by Aaron Justice

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Picking Up The Pieces by Aaron Justice

Aaron Justice on Instagram

Rise Up by Aaron Justice

Aaron Justice on Spotify

All I Need by Aaron Justice

Aaron Justice on TikTok

My hope is that this chat frees you from all that may be weighing heavy on you. Thank you, AaronJustice, for joining us!

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