Podcast: Holding on to God in the Hard Times

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It was an absolute blessing to speak with Nina Williams on The OurDayDream Show! I have been following her and her husband Cody for a couple of years now and they have elevated me in my spiritual journey. Many Christians could relate to how difficult it is modern-day finding a mate to be compatible with. Many times, I doubted waiting, but then I stumbled across their posts where they edified one another and gave each other the strength to do amazing things for the kingdom. Because of kingdom couples like Nina and Cody, I waited patiently for my kingdom partner. I am happy to announce I am engaged to a man who loves me more than I ever dreamed a partner would. Not only did they minister to my heart to wait for a kingdom relationship, but they also educated me on how to be a kingdom mother. Their live videos where their kids are ministering and worshiping have been inspirational. Not to mention how they have been a source of strength in my weakness. If Nina can carry herself with such faith while going to spiritual war for her daughter Trinity’s life, why can’t I handle all of my responsibilities? In this interview, Nina spoke about how Trinity was born dead, yet here she is five years old by the grace of God and a family that fought for her in prayer. Yet, we watch on Facebook and our hearts ache for the battles that little Trinity fights. We couldn’t imagine enduring what this family does, yet they carry themselves with reverence. The people that Trinity’s life touches may have a number, but there is no way to measure the impact that she has in each one of our homes. We hold our kids a bit tighter. We find gratitude when once we didn’t know what that was. This is just my testimony; I am sure there are a thousand more impacts!

Introducing Nina Williams

The OurDayDream Show Features Nina Williams!

Nina is the co-founder of Soulja’s For Christ – A Kids Ministry. She also runs the facebook page – Trinity Strong, where she continues to fight for her daughters healing! She is a powerhouse in the kingdom! We spoke about her testimony. We spoke about the building of faith. God healing her addiction, and how she continues to stay sober. This podcast packs a lot of divinity! I hope that it blesses you as it did me!

Nina Williams on Facebook

Souljas 4 Christ

Trinity Strong

My hope is that this chat empowers you! Nothing can take you out, you are a child of God that holds a wonderful promise! Thank you, Nina, for joining us!

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