Christian Ethics With Dan Judy

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I found Dan Judy’s church not long after I was born again. Dan Judy doesn’t stick to criteria when it comes to leading his house. He speaks on a lot of topics that many churches like to shy away from. He has the best intentions concerning not one man left behind. He wants us all to experience a spiritual existence and an eternity with God. He leads the church not only to knowledge but a supernatural experience. I can honestly say that until I go to heaven, I am not sure I could live without the spirit that exists at The Ridge Church. It refuels me for the week. I have not found another church that has the supernatural fuel that I need, to coexist in a world of chaos. I just hope and pray that there are many more churches out there that have this same transforming power. I am happy to share Christian Ethics with Dan Judy!

Introducing To You Pastor Dan Judy

Dan is the lead pastor at the Ridge Church in Somerset Pa. We spoke about Christian ethics and how it affects our lives when we are obedient to them. With Dan’s personal experiences and mine, you are sure to be encouraged that God is always there for you. Christian ethics produces prosperity, no matter what we are up against.

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