Andrea R. Rice
Owner & Founder of OurDayDream

When you live your life with a constant cloud hovering over your head you are denied the light. How is it possible that you can not see the beauty in the world around you? The doctors, therapists, psychiatrists call this depression. They provide us with medication in order to heal the pain. We think it is helping. Why? If you think hard enough and believe strongly enough in something it becomes a reality. With this being said, we are convinced that depression medication cures us.

What if this depression medication fails us? We might gain extra symptoms that are worse than depression. It may seem like a better option to just stay miserable, so we quit taking the pill that was supposed to work miracles. We may feel as though we are just simply broken…

OurDayDream evolved from healing my torturous cloud that hovered over my head in a constant. I found my light after 10 years of visiting multiple medical professionals, trying just about every depression medication available. I felt broken.

I found my rainbow through the studies of psychology, philosophy, astrology, numerology, mindfulness, spirituality, higher consciousness, and more. I am certified as a Numerologist, and Life Coach. I base my understandings under God, through Christ. Knowledge became my addiction and my ray of sunshine. I bring this knowledge to you as hope. Life is not as bad as we make it. The simplicity of your place in this world will help you to find your light as I found mine.

OurDayDream Life Mastery Coaching LLC

Click the image to learn more about OurDayDream Life Mastery Coaching LLC, and schedule a consultation today! There comes a day when we realize that everything we have learned on our journey is no longer is beneficial. Where do we go from there? We could get entrapped in a cycle of self-pity and self-sabotage, or we could move into a position that we never imagined would be a part of our future! Regardless, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you make it! Schedule your consultation today! God bless! Through suffering that we are provided life, what does the rest of your life look like?

OurDayDream Facebook Page

Click the image to check out OurDayDream Facebook Page! Understanding your existence as a human being in this universe gives you a better understanding of the good and the bad in ourselves and in others.

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