Podcast: We Are All in This Together

The OurDayDream Show features Terrain Brown, life coach and podcast host of The behind The Shades Show. We speak about his journey and relationship dynamics.

Podcast: Bringing The Gospel To The Secular Community

The OurDayDream Show Features Outlaws For The Cross! 3 Nails states if I can be saved anyone can be, their ministry is focused on bringing home the unbeliever.

Podcast: Kingdom Focused Until the Lord Calls Me Home

Daisy Paige was given 5 to 7 years to live with the diagnosis MSA. In year 5, she published 2 books in one year! The pain and hospital visits she works through to put these books out, not to mention the 50 podcasts that she has done! Her perseverance is one to be respected andContinue reading “Podcast: Kingdom Focused Until the Lord Calls Me Home”

Podcast: I Want to Show the World the Bright Side

The OurDayDream Show Features Christian Country Artist Laurel Taylor. A raw conversation that inspires – change is possible! Jesus can change everything around!

Podcast: God Is Greater Than Your Worst Day

The OurDayDream Show features Josh Smith from the Christian rock band Ashes Remain!

Job 38 – Do You Have All of the Information?

OurDayDream explores Job 38! As Job didn’t have all the information, neither do we. We can’t see any further than this moment, all we have is assumptions.

Mark 12 – God Wants a Relationship with You

OurDayDream explores Mark 12! It is until we grow a relationship with the world that we can truly reap the benefits of loving others the way he loves us.