Are You Frozen in Time?

Do you feel like you are frozen in time? The sun is shining but you only see clouds. Spiritual growth isn’t comfortable, but it can be a great opportunity!

Finding Purpose in The Pain

Do you feel like you have been delt the wrong hand in life? We could stay bruised or understand that God has a purpose even in our pain, he has a plan for us!

Building A Better Day

Does it feel like your life is controlling you? Like you can’t keep up with your tasks. Are you exhausted all the time? Find out how to have a better day here!

A Life I Never Knew That Was Gained A.D.

Jesus shows us what we were missing all along! A Life I Never Knew revealed purpose to a dead heart. From B.C to A.D a new view was received.

Get Out of Your Way and Let God Do His Work

Are you lost in the process? Are you busy getting nowhere? Do you feel drained of energy? Perhaps you need to get out of your way and let God do his work.

How To Conquer the Giant

Becoming a victim to Satan’s tactics will keep us from overcoming the obstacles. Learn who you are and how to conquer the giant! God has a greater plan for you!

Fighting Judgment with Love

It took a prayer, not a lecture, to bring me back home to my father after seventeen long years running. We can never go wrong with the two greatest commandments.

Divine Training, How Does God See You?

Is it pain from the past, perhaps memories of brokeness that are holding you back from seeing God’s thoughts towards you?

Fully Focused Living in The Moment

It is but doubt that blocks what he can do, faith ensures the best-case scenario in everything you do.