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Depression is not who I am, it’s a choice. After 34 years of suffering and trying multiple treatments, I couldn’t run from my mind! I had to take responsibility for my mind and my life. I had to learn better! I found God after 17 years of atheism, and God helped me to find myself to defy who I was that was dead. On my journey, I learned so much about why humans do what they do from many different modalities. Staying in a place of growth is a beautiful journey I wish to share with the world! If you are interested in booking Andrea aka OurDayDream, reach out! Below you will find links where I was a guest. I can’t wait to show your audience a different way of viewing their life!

Hire OurDayDream for your digital design needs such as:

  • Video Editing
  • Thumbnail Designs
  • Content Writer
  • Image distortions and post designs

Email me at ourdaydream18@gmail.com


Come As U R Ministries

Dream to Rise Podcast