Podcast: Stepping Out Of Your Backyard – Join A Mission

It oftentimes goes unnoticed the amount of pain that is all around us while we are safely secured to the structures of our lives. Even if we have a clue, we might think of a thousand reasons why we can’t help. I am guilty too. This podcast is not only a wake-up call to theContinue reading “Podcast: Stepping Out Of Your Backyard – Join A Mission”

Get Out of Your Way and Let God Do His Work

Are you lost in the process? Are you busy getting nowhere? Do you feel drained of energy? Perhaps you need to get out of your way and let God do his work.

How To Conquer the Giant

Becoming a victim to Satan’s tactics will keep us from overcoming the obstacles. Learn who you are and how to conquer the giant! God has a greater plan for you!

Fighting Judgment with Love

It took a prayer, not a lecture, to bring me back home to my father after seventeen long years running. We can never go wrong with the two greatest commandments.

Podcast: Answering the Heavenly Call

The OurDayDream Show Features Christian Rock Artist Zahna!

Taking Every Thought Captive: Featuring Mickey Bell

The OurDayDream Show features Comedian Mickey Bell!

Comedy Duo Testimony Story

The OurDayDream Show features the Christian comedy duo Austin and Leb!

Inspirational Christian Rockstar Detective Story

The OurDayDream Show features Joshua Whitehead detective and lead vocal for the Christian rock band 4 All Generations!

Instead Of Trying To Make Changes This Year, Appreciate You…

May your year be full of love, laughter, and kindness.