OurDayDream Daily Column (ref.11)

Maybe instead of fighting so hard to keep ourselves together, maybe what we really need to do is forget ourselves to gather new.

Rocking Out for Jesus

The OurDayDream Show Features Christian Rock Artist Devin Williams!

OurDayDream Daily Column (ref.10)

Joy and Happiness are tucked away inside of you waiting for your worthiness to appreciate it.

OurDayDream Daily Column (ref.9)

God is never too far!

OurDayDream Daily Column (ref.8)

If your patience is being tested, let's rejoice together.

OurDayDream Daily Column (ref.7)

What do you have to let go of to be at peace?

Comedy Duo Testimony Story

The OurDayDream Show features the Christian comedy duo Austin and Leb!

OurDayDream Daily Column (ref.5)

Today's word was telling us to die to the past, have hope in the future, and appreciate now!

OurDayDream Daily Column (ref.4)

Today seemed to be relaying day dreams.

OurDayDream Daily Column (ref.3)

Can you have wisdom without compassion?

OurDayDream Daily Column (ref.1)

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Inspirational Christian Rockstar Detective Story

The OurDayDream Show features Joshua Whitehead detective and lead vocal for the Christian rock band 4 All Generations!

Mental Health Considering Christianity

The OurDayDream Show features Nate Middleton the lead vocals of the Christian rock band Saved By Skarlet!

The Pillars of Powerful Parenting

The OurDayDream show features Dr. Davis McAlister a chiropractic physician, a strength and conditioning coach, a high school powerlifting coach, the published author of The Pillars of Powerful Parenting "Guess What YOUR TEEN Told Me Today?", an accompanying study guide, and a public speaker.

The Different Ways That God Speaks

The OurDayDream Show features Jordan Wells the Pastor and founder of The Joel 2 Generation and the author of The Final Trumpet: The Scroll of Mysteries.

What Authority We Have In The Name Of Jesus

The OurDayDream Show features Kevin Riordan the cofounder of Set Free Ministries.

Let’s Talk About the Healing Journey

The OurDayDream Show features Antoinette Logan, the creator of the full-service account management, The Altered Image Agency (A.I.M.), the founder of the non-profit, Bonded by Birth, and an international author.

The Lord Will Father the Fatherless

The OurDayDream Show features Man Of FAITH a Minister and Christian HipHop Artist.

The Corruption Must End

The OurDayDream Show features Stefan Tomasi a novelist and the author of The Ethereal Road: A Soul-Itary Tale.

Traveled The World To Find Myself

The OurDayDream Show features Brock Predovich founder of Trustio an invoicing, payment, and project management platformpoet, world traveler, practical health hacker, resilience coach.

Dear God

The OurDayDream Show features Matt Sassano  a Christian Solo Rock artist.

I Want To Be More Like My Child

The OurDayDream Show features Jaxyn Charlton a mighty man in Christ and my son.

We Can Have A Different View

OurDayDream features Daniel Jackson a medium and intuitive coach.

Speaking In Tongue Explained

The OurDayDream Show features Dan Judy the lead pastor at The Ridge Church in Somerset Pennsylvania.

2022 Suicide Prevention Event

The OurDayDream Show features the Somerset County Suicide Prevention Task Force & event!

Healing Starts in the Mind

OurDayDream features Amy Stein! Amy is a herbalist, energy medicine educator, PAUSE trauma-Informed breathwork facilitator.

Healing Comes from the Lord

OurDayDream features Dave Hanson the lead singer of the band DAV. 

Jesus Will Change Your Life

OurDayDream features Joel Jackson, a lead singer, and songwriter, as well as a director and leading actor in the 2018 movie Rock for Jesus.

The 2022 Overdose Awareness Event

OurDayDream Features the 2022 Overdose Awareness Event in Somerset PA hosted by Not Alone Family Support Group!

Bringing People Back to God

OurDayDream features Sean Green, the lead singer of Behold The Beloved.

How To Be a Successful Single Parent

OurDayDream features Nrgy a speaker, life & relationship coach, mediator, and an author.

My Tribulation Provided My Purpose

"Your business (and side hustle) don’t need to make sense to anyone but you. That’s why it’s called your business and not their business." Gwendolen Wilder

Become Someone No One Thought You Could Be…

"You have to push past your comfort zone if you want to make breakthroughs." Daniel Johnson

Results From Thinking With Jim Shorkey Jr.

"I believe so many of us waste time. Let me tell you that it is not about what you are doing, but often gaining back time is all about what you are not doing." Jim Shorkey Jr

Walking Through The Storms – Brooke Robertson & Andrea Chat

"The enemy will use our silence as a battle field to fill our minds with lies and doubt.” - Brooke Robertson

Broadway Set – History of Now

"You can not swim across the ocean if you keep looking back at the shoreline, you need to look forward and keep swimming until you reach the other side.” - Jayson Bartlett