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I have taken a few weeks off from “writing” And I sure missed participating with Dream Unrealistic with Jonathan Berry!!! As members of this great group of Talent ………our wonderful “Vices” bless our lives way beyond most of us ever could imagine AND dreamed about!!!! I am forever grateful for my dear friend Jonathan who has allowed a few of us to contribute to this group ………daily & weekly or whatever we choose to!
MS. Andrea Rice is a single mom of three, two are “now” teenagers. I can’t even imagine being a single mom of one teenager let alone two!!!
Andrea’s oldest is “Candra” she is 18 years old….working at McDonald’s, and in her second year of college and working towards her Master’s!
Camrin is her next born and 17 and employed at McDonald’s as well. He sounds terrific and is described as smart and witty….and passionate about playing his guitar!
Jaxyn is Andrea’s 8 year old and the heart of the family! He is extremely smart and The wittiest kid you’ll ever meet. Andrea describes him as having great “Faith”.
Just reading about Andrea’s children immediately made me respect her and her personal Journey. Any woman can tell you the job of “motherhood” is a difficult road even when you have a “partner” to assist in this FULL-TIME JOB ….as a parent! But to do it as a single parent is in a league of its own!!!!
As I am beginning to know Andrea Rice….. I see her beginning wasn’t a easy one. In her bio…. Andrea is completely transparent….. she comes from a beginning only a few of us “broken angels” can and will ever understand. I say this….because when I read the way Andrea describes her carefully chosen words to describe the pain inflicted upon a young innocent child turned into a beautiful woman who was able to turn pain into a BEAUTIFUL AND SAFE PLATFORM AND EDUCATES THE BROKEN…. using Bible verses and inspirational videos that caught my attention!!!
As I read about Andrea…. I was immediately drawn to the way she described what hurts more…..as being hurt as a child….. it usually comes from the people we love the most, the very ones who should be protecting us! It is also common to loose “faith” in the mist of the confusion of “life”. Andrea was an atheist almost 17 years of her life. Something I am able to admit ….. myself and for struggling with my own “faith”. As Andrea NOW Describes her own Rewarding journey to finding “God” and now a CHRISTIAN…. And shared a beautiful “Testimony” on finding love and how everything falls into place when our souls find “peace”.
Andrea started the “OurDayDream Coaching LLC” 2 years ago! Andrea posts her daily messages inspiring the members and myself daily in Dream Unrealistic with Jonathan Berry Facebook Group! Along with Andrea’s podcast platform!!!! I will be getting to know Andrea Rice more personally ………… and I am going to follow her career closely where I plan to revisit and write more articles on this beautiful strong! Independent! WOMAN! Mother! Entrepreneur! & Christian based Founder! 
I will end with the Andrea’s words………
“Today I am so thankful……I wake up with the mission to make someone’s day better. I am striving towards building my life around this concept because I know……… we all deserve the redemption and grace that God gave me and I worked hard to use my pain as others gain. Life is never easy I take the hits and keep moving I don’t allow any of my suffering to go to waste but I will use it to inspire my days in my world”.
I THANK YOU!!! Andrea!!! For this awesome interview
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